224 Scrap Book
Miscellaneous Information
 VMF-224 & USMC Aviation in WWII

Information about the F4U Corsair

Information about the A4 Skyhawk

Listing of known   Aircraft Assigned to VMF-224    (1943 - 1946)

Listing of known VMF-224 Squadron Members  1942-1952

Listing of known VMA-224 Squadron Members  1952-1966 

Listing of known VMA(AW)-224 Squadron Members  1966-1993 

Listing of known VMFA(AW) Squadron Members  1993 to Present    

Change of Station Orders - Orders Stateside for VMF-224 Personnel (1944)

Map of VMF-224's Central Pacific Bases 1943-45 

Code Names, Acronyms and Designations 

Information relating to several other MAG-31 Units (1944-45) 

Lindbergh visits MAG-31 Squadrons on Roi-Namur  -  
                                                    The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh

Comments Regarding Marine Air-Ground Development during WW-II - 
                                                                                Major General Louis E. Woods

Interesting Books and Phamplets  related to Naval Aviation, 
                                                              Squadrons & the F4U Corsair. 

Pilot Aid: Aviator's Blood Chit

Pilot Aid: Silk Pilots Map of Marshall Islands

Pilot Aid:  Downed pilots Request Assistance Card

Pilot Aid:  Listing of Issued Flight Clothing

Pilot Reference:  Selected pages from the Fighter Pilots Handbook for the Pacific

Pilot Reference :  Wind Force Predication Table 

Pilot Reference :  The Semaphore Alphabet

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