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 Purpose and Use
Goal:  To document the activities of Marine Fighting Squadron 224 thereby highlighting the contributions of all Marine aviation. Most histories are told through the perspective of the individual telling the history. By using a unit scrapbook format, we can look back in time and view the squadron’s activities through the perspective of the various individuals as well as a variety of reports and government records. Hopefully, you will find the site both interesting and informative.  

Use Policy:  This site is owned and managed by John C. Irish and is designed solely for the personal use of those individuals using this site. This is not a commercial site, there is no advertising and costs associated with maintaining the site are covered by the owner. Please feel free to request an email jpeg copy of images from this web site for your personal use. In most cases copies will be higher quality than those displayed on the web-site. Any other use of the materials on this site without written permission is strictly prohibited.

How to Contribute: The overall success of this web site is dependent upon your participation. You can help in the following ways:

 1. Provide copies of photographs that show people, places and events that help document 224’s history. It is best if scanned materials are sent in a jpeg format.

 2. If you spot something on this site that you feel is not accurate, or if you are able to identify a location, date, or individual that is not currently identified, please contact me.

 3. Share this web site with others who you think would be interested in viewing the content or potentially would be willing to contribute information. 

 4. If you or a member of your family was associated with 224 during this time period, consider submitting a brief bio to be posted on the web-site.

 5. Your comments and suggestions regarding this site are always welcome.

Photographs:  Photos and other materials are credited to the individual or family that donated the item, or the source it was taken from. It is understood that there are often duplicate copies of the same photo in the possession of several individuals. Some photos used on this web-site may appear elsewhere as official government photos as well as making their way home with many individual squadron members. Quite often, it is impossible to determine the true origin of many photographs.  

Site Content: The photos and information posted on this site are intended to document 224’s history with special focus given to WWII. Much of the content of this site is contributed by a variety of individuals who have provided names and dates for the donated materials. While materials are reviewed in an attempt to check the accuracy of the information posted, errors may exist.  

Unless there is significant public value, and the information is common knowledge and accurately documented, every effort will be made to avoid materials that are negative in nature and directed towards a specific individual.

General information relating to locations, aircraft, Marine Corps aviation 
or associated military units may also be included, if that information 
has a connection to Marine Fighting Squadron 224.

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