U.S. Marine Corps 
Fighting Squadron 224
"Squadron Scrap Book"   
Combat Aircraft Used 1942 to Present
   F4F Wildcat  1942-1943

   F2H Banshee 1951

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  F4F Wildcat Page                                                   
    F4U Corsair Page                                          
      F2H Banshee Page                                          
         F9F Panther Page                                
            A-4 Skyhawk Page                                
               A6A Intruder page                             
                  F/A 18 Hornet page                        
                           AD4 Skyhawk 1956-1966 

Some of the medals awarded 
to Marine aviators
  Purple Heart
  Air Medal
  Navy Cross
  Silver Star
  Medal of Honor
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              F/A-18 Hornet  1993-Present 

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   A6 Intruder 1966-1993

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   F9F Panther 1952-1956

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